November 9, 2009

Tacky People

Tacky People - gotta love 'em. The world never seems to have a shortage of people just waiting to say really tacky and somewhat insensitive things. We all come across them and sadly I'm sure we've all been them at one point or another.

Pregnancy seems to bring out those all too inappropriate comments from people. Now this is dangerous as it's said a pregnant woman's hormones are all over the place and therefore their reaction could be very unpredictable. I have been impressed with myself and how little I seem to have the pregnancy-hormones raging wildly inside of me.

But in saying that I have found I am much more prone to cry if I ever feel any emotion strongly and I admit at times for no good reason at all. Luckily I have a beautiful husband who doesn't mind holding me close and letting me cry something out when necessary.

For example, the other day I was watching the news about the flooding in Samoa and this child who had been ripped away from her mothers arms...okay, seriously, I probably would have teared up even if I hadn't been pregnant.

Towards the beginning of my pregnancy I had a week where 6 people asked me what was wrong with my face. Seriously what's wrong with your manners?! Okay, technically they asked me what was wrong with my skin but still it hurt. Pregnancy - that's what's wrong with my skin. :) I know I shouldn't complain because other women are throwing up and I'm just breaking out - but still common decency would tell you not to point out a person's flaws like that. By the 6th person I admit I could feel the dam about to break and had to run away before the person saw me crying. Sigh.

But I'm now entering the "woah you're so fat" stage of my pregnancy. Very flattering. It's funny because I've been trying to show people for ages how "pregnant" I looked and now all of a sudden they're telling me. I had someone grab my belly the other day and say "wow - you must be due next week." Try three months.

So it definitely depends on what I'm wearing to the extent of the reaction I get. Either way, I think it's the most darling little pregnant belly in the world. Granted fat comments are going to get really old - but other than that - I love having it there and find myself gazing into any reflective surface to see my cute little ball of a belly. I think pregnancy is so wonderful. I love feeling him kick and love all the cute clothes and love that my ribs are aching...he-he, well I love most things about it.

I don't have tons of pictures yet - but here's some I've taken of my cute little belly over the months. Some people will tell you how little you look - others how huge - I think it depends on the outfit I wear. I'm actually 30 weeks along now- I can't believe how fast it's flying by. I definitely love the pregnant stage of life - tacky people and hormones included!


e.huber said...

I think all tacky people should be hanged, then shot, the stomped, then ridiculed incessantly, then shot some more... - in public - and then burned at the stake.
(I say we let them go)

By the way, you look adorable!!!!

Andrea said...

Love the new blog. You are such a cute pregnant lady!

Misty said...

Leah, I hate you for being so stinking cute. You are beautiful, and so glad you started a blog! I will look forward to pictures and posts. :) my blog address is :) LOVE YOU!

Misty said...

Make that, "I am so glad you started a blog". I'm sure you're thrilled as well, but I meant to say "I" was so glad you started a blog. :)

The Astons said...

Lovely Leah :) hooray! there is another family blog :) love all your pics! Tell Varian we especially liked his halloween outfit....hehehe! love you guys!

Jeppsons said...

Forget the "tacky people!!" I think you look absolutely adorable and tacky people are always a little slow! I will add you to my blog list and look forward to reading more.

cheloni said...

you look beautiful!

just ignore all the tacky people out there!! i get it all of the time too and just laugh and say no! and most times you can tell people feel dumb after they have said it.

so excited to see that you have a blog. i hope your better at updating yours than i am mine.

Janae said...

Love that cute little belly! Hope you are doing good!

Lisa said...

You look beautiful! Hope all is well!

Go Garfields Go said...

Don't stress about the fat comments. I was congratulated the other day. They were looking at my belly. I'm not pregnant. Haven't been for 2 years. Talk about breaking the dam!