April 20, 2010


 We had a barbie at our friends', Chrissy and Nathaniel's house, and he took these great shots for us. The joke is that a salesman came to our door offering a "free" photo shoot. I was skeptical but when I asked how much it would cost just to buy a CD of the pics and was told "two-fifty" I thought, DEAL! So after a painful photo shoot involving a 3 week old baby, a very slow photographer, and really hot humid weather - the result was really awful pictures.

 The main problem being that he was asleep and she kept telling me to wake him up, which then of course would make him cry and so she'd tell me to resettle him which then would put him back to sleep and she'd go back to telling me to wake him up. This cycle repeated until Jaren just became really angry and there was no hope of getting cute shots. But the lady had gone to all that effort and so I felt the least I could do was buy a CD from her.

Imagine my embarrassment when I held out two dollars and fifty cents (in Aussie coins mind you) and learned that she meant two HUNDRED fifty dollars. I mean I did think it was crazy to have such a bargain, but obviously the idea of spending $250 was even more far-fetched. How embarrassing. I laughed and apologized and managed to get her out the door without committing to paying for the CD in installments. I still laugh at myself when I remember this.

I told this story to our friends and promised to now pay that $2.50 to them for taking these photos. And aren't they worth every penny!


Felicity said...

yay! more pics! They are gorgeous! I love the one of you and the close up of Jaron laughing! oh so gorgeous! We can't wait to see him (you) again - Jazzy loves looking at all her baby cousins (which is anyone up to the age of about 4 :)on our Bryen family blog so she'll be excited to see some more of Jaron!! xo

Felicity said...

i just looked again - all so gorgeous :)

Dustin'n'April Strickland said...

That baby boy look great! Wonderful pics, such a cute family, wished we could see, we miis you all!