September 24, 2012

Tidbits of April 2011


Now that I don't print off every photo I take to add to my giant collection of photo albums, I think of this blog as a place to put all these memories and small moments. So here are a few miscellaneous pictures from last April. One day Jaren was playing by himself in his room and just laughing away so I peaked in to see what was making him so happy and the first picture below is what I saw- him sitting and reading a book to himself. Oh it melted my little teacher heart. Jaren has always really liked books and will sit for ages with me or alone and read story after story. 


So this is a tribute to all husbands out there who for some reason can't seem to manage to pick up their own clothes. I hesitate in posting this in that Varian and I have recently discussed this again and he's doing so much better and putting his clothes in the laundry basket (which usually are in the laundry room). In our Brisbane house our laundry was out in the garage and so we kept our baskets in the bathroom. The first week we were there he joked about how he was almost tempted to leave his clothes on the floor again but how that would probably drive me crazy since the baskets were right there. We had a laugh about it but then after a week or so this is what started to happen. Sigh, old habits are hard to break

And just another photo tribute to laundry I took this picture when Varian went out of town on a little trip with his sister. The caption in my head was, "you can't be lonely when you have all this laundry to keep you company." I had gone through all our bags of stored and donated baby clothes to wash them all in preparation for baby Reid coming, and in general laundry can pile up for me as it is. But while he was away I went through and washed and sorted everything. Getting ready for a baby is hard work! :) 

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