May 10, 2010

Passport Photos

Jaren needed passport photos.
  • Facing forward
  • Looking at the camera
  • Eyes open
  • No red-eye
  • Mouth closed
  • No tongue showing
  • Not overly smiling
  • No hands or other extremities visible
SERIOUSLY! Have any of them tried to get a baby to fit all of these requirements at once? We only took about 200 shots before getting some to work. Much to my dismay Varian took some "practice" shots with him in outfits I didn't want to use; the white onesie because white on white really washes a person out :) and the red outfit because he had already spit up heaps in it that day and looked all crusty.

In the end this is the photo I voted for: (Look at that darling face!)

But Varian was worried that the head tilt would be too much and so he let the evil-post office lady talk him into this one:  

Oh it's ok, but it's not nearly as cute. He looks a little sickly with that white against white and double chin. Sigh. I'm such a sucker for photos and memories and records. I would have much preferred the first one. But I wanted to include on this post some of the blooper shots that I think are so hilarious or just plain darling. So I hope you enjoy:


Katie said...

Those really were so funny I almost was crying just now from laughing, I'm also pretty sure Rylle is not that expressive. Hillarious.

Felicity said...

hahaha! that is SO funny! The first pic is VERY cute but I admit I am a sucker for baby double chins!! He's gorgeous either way! love the bloopers! can't wait till sunday to see you guys - i know i haven't called to confirm anything....but i wil i will i will :) yay can't wait to see you and kiss that smiley baby! xo

Meg said...

soooooo cute. What an expressive baby!

Sunni Wilkinson said...

Cute pics, Leah. He's got loads of personality!

Andrea said...

Hey, if I have to live with a bad passport photo, so do babies. :) Very cute, you made me laugh!

knoth4 said...

wow so cute!

.:Bree:. said...

Oh my goodness! He's so very cute! lol

Go Garfields Go said...

He is so expressive! What a happy baby! So does a passport mean you are going to Utah for a visit? I'm going to visit the last half of June. It would be amazing if we were to be there at the same time!

Dustin'n'April Strickland said...

SOOO cute, looks like you had quite the foto op! We will be in Utah from July 18-July 31. What are your plans?

Anonymous said...

He's too cute!! even when he's sad he's adorable!!! He's so smiley and happy! Those pictures are so funny. =)

Michaela said...

What a blessed Oma I am:)