May 31, 2010

Musical Prodigy?

So I'm always a little behind on blogging but here's a quick entry of something that happened back in March. I've really wanted to get back into practicing my violin regularly and pulled it out one day and started to tune it. Jaren would have been about 2 1/2 months old, and he laid there and listened and seemed content. And then I started playing and this was his reaction.

Oh the poor little guy. Ha-ha, I'll blame it on him being startled by the volume of the violin and not my skill in playing it. After I calmed him down I was able to hold him and play a little so he would get used to it, then went on to my regular practice. 

I was always impressed with how my mom was a great example at developing her talents while being a stay-at-home-mom. I want to be the same example to my children. So here's to still improving my talents and hopefully teaching Jaren to love music at the same time.


Felicity said...

those first couple of pics reminded me of piano practice at our house sometimes.....only the child and the 'player' are the same person.....hahaha (kidding....maybe :)! I laughed imagining you awkwardly holding Jaron and the violin :) ahhhh the things we do!! xo

Katie said...

He looks little there! I'm sure the volume excuse, Rylee gets scared when people laugh!

Go Garfields Go said...

Don't worry. In a blink you'll be teaching him violin lessons. Then who will be the one crying from the sound? :-D