August 14, 2010

Mid-April Moments

Here are a few shots of our mid-April adventures. First of all April Showers bring May Flowers when April is your spring. Here April is more Autumn, but still the flowers come. One of my favorite things about Australia (and yes there are some things) besides the ocean is that there is always something in bloom. Trees blooming all over the place. My favorite are the Jacaranda trees (glorious explosions of purple in the "spring" here) but these ones bloomed at the end of our road and I had to stop to take a picture. Aren't they beautiful.

Then Ipswich, the city where we live, had a celebration so Jaren sat in his chair as I got ready.

And off we went to the fireworks. Yay for Jaren's first fireworks. He was even asleep in his stroller and I woke him up so he could see them.

Then they had a PARADE, which is not like Australia at all so I was impressed.

I just love that face in all its expressions!

This night was one of Varian's rugby nights. Okay so I have to say that Australian football is WAY more entertaining than American Football, especially because they're not allowed to have time-outs (except for injuries and scrums), so if there's 10 minutes left on the clock it actually takes 10 minutes and not 30 or 40 or a million like it does in good ol' USA ball.

Varian follows the Brisbane Broncos (and yes even I have found myself liking it somewhat). Our friends gave us this little shirt for Jaren when they first heard we were pregnant. It says, "Daddy's Little Bronco"

This picture I put in an album for Dad for father's day and I think Becca pointed out that they look like they're kissing. EEK! They did just score a "try" but I don't think they were celebrating it with a kiss.

ps: I even actually know quite a few of the players name. I know this is me we're talking about. I don't know any celebrity names, especially sport figures. But I try to learn for Varian's sake. Ah, that is love. :)

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