August 2, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again

SO -
Yes it's been a million years since I've blogged but I'm determined now to catch up. The past two months I've been away on my amazing USA adventures, but before I blog about that I'll try to catch up on some older stories. Below are just a few random shots of my darling little guy. Wow, looking back at these photos I realize how much he's already grown.

These are all from March when Jaren was 2+ months old.

So pensive

Okay, this face was so adorable I had to get my camera before I could snuggle him and make him feel better.
Crying or happy that face is so adorable!

Okay so this one isn't that cute of Jaren but I thought it was cute of me, so it makes the blog. Below are some pictures that I took after one of his doctor's appointments. He was just being so cute that I had to stop and capture it. 

 "Mom, enough with the pictures already, I'm trying to sleep!"

And last but not least...

This one's dedicated to my brother Ben who came unglued at the slightest sign of spit-up, and as you know Jaren is a pro at spitting up. 
I'm still surprised we got Ben to hold him. If it hadn't been for a college girl friend onlooker it may never have happened. But chicks are suckers for guys holding babies so how could Ben say no.


Lori said...

you look beautiful miss leah! jaren is a cutie. so sad our utah times missed by a week. glad you have a blog!

Momsie lips said...

Leah, my darling! I just went through your whole blog again and it was so fun to remember all those things! The pictures are especially fabulous! Thank goodness for our computer that helps us keep so connected...I don't think I could live without it. I love you to pieces!!! Mom