September 19, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Okay so I realize it's September, but I'm determined to catch up and am trying to do so somewhat chronologically. It was my first official mother's day (technically we were pregnant last mother's day, but it had yet to be confirmed). In the early hours of the morning I woke up to Jaren crying for his binky/dummy to be put back in. So I kind of stumbled to his crib in the darkness but what I saw there totally warmed my heart - well besides his cute face which of course always does but maybe less so at 4 am. There, taped to the crib, was this darling mother's day card.

And on the floor in front the crib were 3 different pairs of ug-boots for me to choose between. (I picked these ones but they didn't have them in the right size for me and ended up getting a different style.) It was going to be winter here soon and my feet get so frigidly cold as poor Varian can attest to (wait a second, was this a present for me or for him?) It was a great present and so sweet to see first thing in the morning. Normally I would just stick the binky in and run back out to wake Jaren up as little as possible - but I couldn't resist picking him up and giving him lots of kisses and saying thank you for my card before settling him back to sleep. I then was treated to a lovely breakfast from my wonderful husband. At church I was given a corsage that lasted through most of Sacrament Meeting (Jaren liked the pretty flower) and a dinner that night with the Aston clan.

What a joy it is to me to be a mother and I am so grateful to Heavenly Father for sending me this precious gift!

I have been blessed with a wonderful Mother-in-Law and Grandmother-in-law who have welcomed me into their family and are beautiful amazing women.

I have been blessed with wonderful grandmothers. I have only a few cherished memories of my Grandma Wood who passed away just before I turned 5. When I think of her I think of warm hugs, pies and cooking, the Huntsville House where I always felt safe and loved, her soft hair and her love for me. I love her and I wish she could have lived longer to be more a part of my life. But I've always felt her spirit watching over me at big occasions in my life.

[:( Sad - I can't believe I don't have any pictures of Grandma Wood. Granted I think in my lifetime I've only ever seen 3 or 4 but still, I wish I had one. So hopefully I'll get one from one of my relatives and insert it later.] 

My Grandma Tutu has always been a source of inspiration to me. She always had some new project to teach us whether that be carving shrunken potatoe heads, food coloring painting in corn syrup, sculpting clay or blowing out eggs to paint. She would dress up in scarves and hand symbols with us and we'd dance around to the song Celestial Soda Pop. She'd tell us stories and was always interested in what was going on in your life. She has taught me to love life and to recognize all the beauties it holds.

Most of all I have been blessed with an amazing mother who has been a best friend to me growing up. She is the best listener I know and always shows interest in what is going on in my life. She supports me and loves me and is an inspiration. She loves life and beauty as well and always looks for the good in life and others and nature. I love her dearly.

So although this is way overdue, Happy Mother's day Mom and to all you other amazing friends and aunts and sisters and grandmothers and relief society mothers who are such divine examples of womanhood and motherhood.


Katie said...

I love this post, I haven't even thought about how I don't have a picture of Grandma Wood, and sad that I never even think about her when thinking about grandmas, I thought you were going to be talking about Venice, and then I realised of yeah we did have a real grandma, that's sad! But I instantly started hearing celestial soda pop in my head, It made me laugh I forgot about potatoe heads, you forgot zucini boats and flower girls!

Anonymous said...

You said it was by Jaren's adorable little face, and then you said it was taped to the crib! It couldn't have been taped to the crib AND by his face, unless he had shoved his face through the bar next to the card!!!

Anyway, it was Yaya's b-day, and we were there and we WENT ON THE ROOF.

I just wanna say I <3 you all-I hope you realize that's a heart- and miss you. A. LOT.

<3 ,
Your loving niece, Abbey
PS: how could you NOT love your VERY LOVING NIECE?!?!?!?! if you don't, WHERE'S THE JUSTICE IN THE WORLD???????????

Love you guys!!!!! =D

Anonymous said...

PPS: But of course, upon going on the roof, halfway up Sryh started crying his head off and chickened out. Typical, huh?

Anonymous said...

That Syrth up there is supposed to be Seth. But how it turned into Syrth, WHO KNOWS???????? And who is Syrth, anyway????????

Michaela said...

I love your blog Leah. What great photos. love your Aussie mumxxxxxx

Katie said...

in case I don't talk to you, now is the time to use that thing, soon he'll just be able to eat the actual fruit, you may miss the moment if you wait.