September 16, 2010

Secret Park

There's a "secret park" that we pass on the way to church and we always talk about going there. Well finally one weekend in May we went. We didn't have a lot of time there - we'll have to go back and actually play on the park toy. But here are some photos from that day. (We were borrowing Warren's camera to see if we wanted to buy it, so we had a little picture shoot.)


Felicity said...

lovely pics from "lovely leah"...hehehe :) i'm sure varian is thrilled with the closeups....haha

Katie said...

Wow the pictures of the blessing look so good! You look really pretty!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Jaren's facial expression in the last picture!!! HAHA LOL x 10!! So cute. Tell Jaren Abbey & McKenna his loving cousins miss him!