October 25, 2010

Mouse problems - Expect Delays

Hello my lovely blog fans :)
Just putting in a little note of explanation. I have tons to catch up on still with my blog, but all of my photos are on our desktop and our computer mouse has died making them all pretty inaccessible. So we've ordered another mouse on ebay and once it arrives I'll be able to get back to work! So hence the lack of posts and hopefully I'll be up and running again soon.
:) Love Leah
ps: Here's an oldie but goodie photo from the first time Varian and I dated back in '04. This was our 3rd date (It was 17 hours long and at the end I still didn't want to have to say goodbye...an amazing sign!)


Felicity said...

oh yay! you're here....kind of :) looking forward to your coming posts!


Anonymous said...

Guess WHAT?! today u had 42 messages in my inbox. IRS was at the bottom, and I was like: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

knoth4 said...

Leah I want photo's of your costumes for halloween and make it snappy girl. Your little Jaren will be 18 before we get to see more photo's lucky I will see you at Christmas. Ha Ha.