November 23, 2010

Mt. Cootha's Botanical Garden

There's so much to blog now and so little time. So I'll keep the comments short. Here are some photos of when we went to Mt. Cootha's Botanical gardens before our U.S. trip. I'm a sucker for botanical gardens. :)
(ps: Can I mention again how annoying putting photos on this is! Why can't they program it so you can put them where you want?!!?!?!?!?!)



Felicity said...

yay! you're here! ok now i'll go and read your post then comment again :)

Felicity said...

haha the pic of you stroking 'statue head' made me laugh! Hooray for Mt. Cootha! Love the pic of the city through the trees!!

Anonymous said...

Oooooo preeeeetttyyyyyyyyyyyyy