January 30, 2011

The Rains Came up....

Hello my lovely blogging friends. I was on such a blogging roll before my parents trip in November, and then the Aston Family wedding, Christmas, house-guest, reunion parties of December and January. Then the day after Claire and the kids flew out we were being evacuated from our home which was then basically destroyed by flooding. It still feels surreal to me. I have spent the last three weeks desperately disinfecting, cleaning and salvaging everything we could, throwing out the rest, collecting new and second-hand things from all the amazing generous people out there, moving into a new apartment...etc. As you can imagine it's been so busy.

It may be some time before I'm back up and running with this blog (though I still aspire on catching up on those 6+ months of 2010). But I thought I'd put a link to the facebook album of flood photos that I just posted. Really despite the disaster and crisis that this has all been - Varian and I have felt so overwhelmed with everyone's kindness and generosity. We feel so comforted and at peace and that Heavenly Father has truly been watching over us and blessing us. Thank you for all those who have prayed for us and helped us in any way. It means so much to us and truly our hearts are full!

So click HERE and you can see some of the photos of the flooding in Ipswich and our poor little house.


kate said...

oh my HECK! your house was destroyed! i can't believe it! i'm so glad you're ok! but what a nightmare! wish i could be there to help you dear friend. sending prayers your way.

Claire said...

Hi this is Eve! I check your blog everyday! Your house was destroyed!!!!

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