September 8, 2011

Back by Popular Demand!

Where do I even start? My poor little blog. Besides the flood excerpt my posting timeline is back in July of oh-ten and here it is August- no wait- SEPTEMBER of 2011. How has this year gone by so fast? I really want to still catch up on the rest of 2010, but also realize how long that will take me, and wonder if I should just post present things. I may do a combination of past and present. We'll see. But I've spent the last week catching up on reading all my Wood and Aston sibling posts (yay, it's so fun to read them all) and now I'm hoping to dive into mine. In saying that my time to do so is a bit limited these days but I'll see what I can do. :)

Hmm. Maybe I should do a quick recap. Last July I was in my wonderful homeland, soaking up the sun and family  and friend bonding. In August I got to come home to my sweetheart who wasn't able to take the entire 7 weeks off work to stay the whole time with me on our trip.

We had various adventures over the next few months which I think I'll post about more specifically later. But one highlight is that we found out mid- September that we were expecting again. Wow!

November was a busy month with the great treat of having my amazingly supportive mom and dad come and visit us and exploring all over the area. This is such a beautiful place to vacation (Hint! Hint!)

December flew by in a flash - full of Aston Family parties and reunions since everyone came up for Lani and Cameron's wedding.

Then January the floods hit (see post below for the link for more pictures.) That is a photo of our house, but not at the peak of the floods. Sad!

My heavens, that deserves many blog posts on it's own. The next few months were following up from that and trying to pull our lives back together.

We moved to Windsor which was a wonderful experience and brought many unexpected blessings post flood. We moved into a great ward and met lovely new friends. Also it was so close to the hospital where Varian works which meant more time for him at home and it was an easy commute for all the time we had to spend in the hospital for Jaren and for my weekly pregnancy appointments.  

In March Jaren came down with a flesh eating staph infection (he's all healed now).

Then in May this beautiful bundle of joy arrived. His name is Reid Justin Aston.

Oh my heavens I love him so much! The following months were busy with healing from the C-section and looking after a newborn and a very happy and active 16 month old, and then moving back into our Ipswich house.

So here it is September and there are still a few bags to unpack and things to organize - especially more adventures ahead. You can't hold us Astons down! :) Life is busy, but full and happy. I am such a lucky woman to have such an amazing husband, two beautiful boys, and such great extended family and wonderful friends. I love you all. I hope to catch you all up on my memoirs of the last year.

As they say in Paraguay - Jaha (let's go!)


kate said...

a wonderful update! such a busy, amazing, trying, but still happy year you have had. your boys are so cute, and i love seeing your face. keep posting please!


Katie said...

Pretty good recap, not to long, good job! then you can just start with keeping up to date. nicely done!

Felicity said...

You're back!! yay! I have given up trying to go back and post about things that are missed (which is almost everything these days except for random photos with one line attached :) I STILL want to post about Rylan's baptism (2 years ago and all the things we get up to on the weekends - I'm just reminding myself my blog is called 'bits and pieces' for a reason :)

can't wait to read all your catch up posts!!