October 11, 2011

Riverfire and Sitting Up - Sep 2010

One of my favorite Australian traditions is going to Riverfire in Brisbane. I've mentioned before in this blog that I'm a sucker for fireworks - Well, Riverfire is a saturation of fireworks reflecting off the Brisbane River. It's stunning. They have fireworks going off barges on the river, off the bridges and off the buildings, all choreographed to music of course and going off at the same time.


 Forgive the lame-oh photo above but at least it gives you an idea. This was just a point and shoot camera and it's so hard to really get a good shot of fireworks. If I were a dedicated person I'd load my much better pictures from other years or get a better photo online and paste it here, but it's past 11 and I've really got to get to bed. :) So take my word for it  - the fireworks are stunning!

The first year we went (2008) I got really sick being squashed in between so many people and looking up and who knows why. I thought I was going to throw up but had no where to even move to do so. I hunkered down with my head between my knees trying to peek up now and then at the fireworks before going back down. I was eventually able to stand back up but it was pretty strange and sad. Freaky-hot-torso-girl just got a little too sardined apparently.

In 2009 we decided not to go because it was right after the major swine flu scare and we were expecting and didn't think we should risk it. Shame. 2010 we went and saw it from KP instead of South Point which I don't think was as festive or close up. But at least we got to have the temple as our backdrop.

2011 was great but you'll have to wait awhile before I catch up in the blog. Hmm with all this writing I should look up amazing pictures, or tell you about the dump and burn jets that fly by with giant flames shooting out behind them, or this year's laser show, or the magical waterfall fireworks coming off the bridge...but again it's past 11 and I'm trying to combine posts to catch up faster, so I've included these adorable pictures of Jaren who was starting to sit up by himself.


We used to have an L-shaped couch and it was perfect for baby sitting time and would hold him up if he started to lean too much. What a cutie!

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Natasha627 said...

You're kinda lucky you live so far away 'cause I totally wanna kidnap that cutie.