November 24, 2011

For those who love wisteria and sunshine (Sep '10)

We've been out of town and then partying with my uber-supportive parents who came to visit us, so my blog updates have gotten quite behind. But I'll try and jump back into them and hopefully get caught up soon.


Last September we went to Toowoomba's Flower Festival - with a flower parade, a carnival and tour of people's gardens. It was amazing. Sadly this year when I tried to go Varian boycotted it. When I kept going on about the wisteria that we'd be missing he suggested I go take a picture of myself in front of the fence at the train station that had some and call it good. Tsk. Tsk. It was very sad. Don't worry Toowoomba - I'll come and see you next year and all your wisteria! 


I love Jaren's face expression in that picture with me. It cracks me up. It was a fun day, and I hope to convince Varian into making it a tradition. I mean just look at that photo - how could you not love wisteria - or sunshine? (Enchanted April) I know I do! 

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