February 22, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas (2010)

I'm sorry I've taken a bit of a blogging break. I've been gathering December photos from sweet sisters-in-law and hadn't realized how unorganized that month's photos had been. So I've loaded a ton of photos and hope to get posting again and up to 2011. :) Ridiculous I know, but frankly it's not like my current photos are as organized as I need them to be, so blogging in the past isn't all that bad.

In saying that, I still haven't gotten around to rescanning this adorable picture of Jaren and Santa (this was scanned in a hurry before and hence the picture is up in the corner) and we're having major computer issues so I'm posting it how it is. We lost the CD of it in the flood but luckily the picture survived. This was Jaren's first Christmas. Santa apparently has had one too many screaming babies on his lap and kept trying to give me instructions of how to put Jaren down without letting him see Santa. Yeah, not a worry with Jaren who is so super social and a man in giant hat and beard didn't phase him at all. I mean just look how happy he looks.

We went to the lighting of the tree in Brisbane which is a fun tradition I hope to keep. They have singers, choirs and dancers before lighting the giant Christmas tree in the square and it just feels Christmasy - which celebrating here in the Summer season I'm always desperate to feel. I am including the picture below of Jaren and Varian just because I think Jaren has the cutest little dopey smile (dopey in a sweet way).

Another thing we did to get ready for Christmas was to decorate "Grandma's" tree. My mother-in-law's tradition is that the youngest member of the family gets to put the star on the tree so here is our attempt at getting Jaren to do so. It was a fun night.

Jaren's face expression to the right cracks me up - he looks very uninterested in decorating. Really we spent most of the time trying to get him to stop grabbing the ornaments and tree, hence his pinned down hands in the shot below.

This was an especially fun Christmas because all of Varian's siblings were living here or traveled here for the holidays and we spent so much time together as a family. All the festivities made it an extra fun Christmas! Stay tuned for more shots of everyone.

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