December 11, 2012

Sydney Easter Trip April 2010

So last year Easter we all piled in Lani and Cameron's car and headed on a 12 hour road trip to Sydney to visit Chad and Felicity. We love spending time with them and have begged them for years to move up to Brisbane so we could see them more often. And more than a year and a half later, that dream is coming true. After tough competition, Chad was offered an AFP (Australia FBI) position to work up here. We are soooo ecstatic and can't wait to have more time with them!!! But back to 2011 Easter, the next few posts will be from our trip there.

Felicity is super mom who never fails to inspire me. (Click HERE for a link to her blog.) She has organized a daily family spiritual devotional for her children. They read scriptures, and sing and memorize articles of faith and discuss gospel principals. I've since adopted this practice and have been so pleased with the results. It has been so great to see my children, even though young, getting to know the scriptures and the concepts of the gospel that they understand and that will be the foundation of their testimonies. I would recommend it to all parents. It's never too late and kids are never too young to start. Even if it's with small babies, it's getting ourselves into the habit and setting that foundation for our children. By the time they're old enough to be aware of what you're teaching them then they will have developed that routine for themselves and will have a medium to learn values and Christian teachings.


Felicity also has a lot of activities that she planned out for her kids to help them bring the spirit of Easter into their home. We started out taking a trip to the Temple and having a Family Home Evening there.

Lani and Cameron were great to survive such a long road trip traveling with our 15 month old darling and me, who was only 3 weeks away from having a baby.

It was a lovely start to a great Easter weekend. Before I leave this post let me put in a few blooper shots of my boys who could barely manage to keep their eyes open for the photos, and my little niece Lilly who even at a young age was practicing to become a model. Isn't that pose adorable?

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Felicity said...

oh I LOVE that picture of Lily!! I totally forgot that she used to pose like that :) thanks for capturing it for me :) AND we too are so glad to be up here with you guys :) love you lots!!! xo