February 4, 2013

Here Comes Peter Cottontail...


In preparations for Easter we painted eggs. Yes painted, not dyed. I've yet to see a white egg in Australia and brown eggs wouldn't really dye very well. So what Felicity does with her kids is to use styrofoam eggs and toll paint to carry out this tradition.


Easter Sunday (also my Birthday :) :) :) ) we had a picnic and then sent the kiddies inside so the Easter Bunny could come.

I have such a soft spot in my heart for this mischievous little boy. Dr. Evil meets Easter eggs. :) Also here's sweet Jazzy showing us some of her candy.

I love this picture of Felicity taking a picture of Jaren, and then some of the shots she got of him that day. I've trained him well to sit and smile at the camera as you can see. Bless her heart for taking so many photos for us! :)

I thought I'd include this picture to capture the cute little birthmark on Jaren. I think it looks like he got kissed by an angel before being sent down to me. :) And a cute little series of shots of Jaren discovering a baby chicken in an Easter egg, trying to eat it, throwing it down and settling on the egg itself. :)


We ended the night with a "Passover Feast" to remember the Savior and true meaning of Easter. And then we had a birthday celebration for Felicity, Chad and me - our birthdays are all within a week of each other. What a great day to celebrate the Resurrection and our birthdays. Happy Easter!

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