April 5, 2013

Miscellaneous May Part II (2011)

Just thought I'd wrap up May 2011. I couldn't decide which of these two photos was cuter and as they're slightly different and this is my blog I can use both of them. :)


Now that Jaren had to compete for attention he decided to start walking. Here are some photos of him trying. He thought it was so hilarious and would laugh so hard he would tip over. He is such a happy kid, I love it!


We tested out our new limousine stroller (courtesy of "Connected" a flood donation group) outside our house one day. This Brisbane house was surrounded by hills and it was quite the feat making it around the block.

I am obsessed with cheese, and am sad not to be able to eat soft cheese while pregnant so Varian made me this cheese tray to help me celebrate. And in the recovery process we were still having to go make checks on our house and meet with the builders.

This was the first time Varian's mum got to meet little Reid.

The strange thing about blogging two years in the past is how much things could have changed. I mentioned in an earlier post that our dear Oma has passed away (Nov 2012). She loved our babies and loved to hold them. We and they miss her so much!

Luckily we got a 3-generational shot after Reid was born.

I have such a wonderful husband. He is so good to me and is such a loving father to our children. 

 And here are two last shots of my two cute-funny-faced boys. It was a lovely month of May.


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