July 6, 2013

I Can't Get Enough So Niether Will You...(Aug '11)


I know we've had lots of posts with baby pictures, and to be fairly warned, this too is one of them. Let me wrap up August 2011 with a few shots of family, but mostly just my two cute sons!

Happy Birthday Beep-Beep and oh my heavens look at this cute face...and look at it again and again. :)

Let me break up some pictures of Reid's adorable face (I promise this is the narrowed down version) with some of Jaren's. :)


More adorable faces of Reid.


This is my sweet friend Karen Tuoy.

A nice day outside in the sun.

I love having trees in my back yard, I love the life - the nature - the beauty of them. I love the shade. I don't so much love how much these gum trees shed (ALL over our lawn) or the potential threat they have of falling over, but I do love them.


Lots of nice slobber from Jaren, not a new thing for anyone who knows him. Below is the result of practicing the piano. Reid snoozed away happily, and Jaren was hysterical at my diverted attention. Hmm...I'm having flashbacks to my violin practicing post (click HERE).


A messy shot and random I know but I like the two cuddling together watching tv.

And just in case you still haven't gotten enough of this adorable face...


And in case you did get enough and wish I had limited this post down even more...

:) Just kidding.


nicholai_21 said...

Love it!

D1Warbler said...

Was your piano playing really that bad?

Felicity said...
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Felicity said...

YES! Their little faces are adorable :)! Miss you guys! xo