July 8, 2013

Oma and Opa Come to Visit (Sep 2011)

Varian's maternal grandparents are from Germany and even though they've lived here for 50 odd years their accents are still very strong, as are their German personalities. Maybe it will be the same for me (heaven forbid we're still here in 50 odd years) but people always seemed surprised that I still sound so "American." Somethings just are built in I guess.
They have always lived just a few minutes away from us and now and then would drop in for a visit.

Dear Oma, who as you know passed away last year, would love to see our babies and hold them but also that loud German personality would often intimidate them until they got bigger and less sensitive. Here are some cute happy/alarmed faces from that day. Also as a side note this cute owl outfit was a present from them which I was excited that he was wearing it on a day they came to visit. :)

He's starting to quiver here as you can see, and then he looses it. Even though it's a bit blurry, I love this shot below.

And then he just couldn't hold back the tears. But he was due for a feed as well, which always makes babies a little more fussy. I just thought these big lip crying photos were so adorable and so tender to see of Oma and Opa with our kids.

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