August 21, 2013

A Mishap and a Playdate (Sep '11)

I decided to make a strawberry shortcake but alas my plans were foiled by my oven exploding. Well that is an exaggeration, but the glass door did shatter and even though the majority stayed together, we had glass shards all over our kitchen and hallway. This was our brand new stove and it was apparently faulty and couldn't handle the heat. I did discover one of my little angels had walked by at some point and turned up the dial to as hot as it would go, but still that doesn't seem an excuse for exploding appliances!!!
Thankfully no one was hurt. My boys will often want to look through the door to see what's cookin' and we were on our way to check the cake when it happened. I shudder to imagine one of my sweet babies face close to all this flying glass. It took ages to get a replacement in, which also makes you realize how much you actually use your oven!!! That night we had to settle for strawberry sundaes instead.
That week we met with our friends to visit Queen Park's zoo (free and lovely) near our house. We get together with these sweet girls and their kids a lot and have since added our friend Ashley to our play date group. They've been such a blessing to us and we love when we get to see them!
Chantelle (expecting Savannah) and Eleanor, and Rachael and Ellia (who have since added baby Adam as well.)
The emus our always a highlight for us as they'll follow/chase you along the fence with their loud thumping internal drum sound, very cool. Also Jaren was out of the stroller when we saw the piggies and he walked right up and kissed that right piggy smack on his moist piggy nose. Cute but a bit alarming! :)
As this post is more bits and pieces of the month I thought I'd put this picture up too. Varian left me this message on the fridge one day and I left it up for ages. It would make me smile every time I walked in the kitchen. :)

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