April 4, 2014

A Night on the Town (10-2011)

We went out to the night markets in Salalah. I am a sucker for markets! The stereotypical "love of shopping" gene never quite set in with me. I especially hate going shopping on vacation when I'd much rather be seeing the sights..etc. However I take exception when it comes to souvenir shopping and markets. I love them. I love the atmosphere, the business and craziness, the colors. Admittedly I'd proabably like it a lot more if everything had a price tag and I could just choose to buy it or not without bartering someone over it. But still I love it.

This lady was one of many women at a stall, but the rest wouldn't let me take a picture of them, it was a shame. She was so serious in this shot but was so flamboyant. As soon as I walked near her she reached out and grabbed Reid (who had been sleeping) by the cheeks and laid a big juicy kiss on him. She was laughing and smiling and so friendly. I wish she would have shown that for the photo. She wasn't the only one who was shy.  I caught this little guy watching us from underneath his parent's counter.

My son Jaren and his new Arabian Best-y weren't shy at all. They were dancing and playing in the street and having a great time. It was really sweet!

We did try on things. I'm kicking myself for not getting a picture of the matching headpiece/veils that we bought (I think it was Claire, Felicity and I or Kathrine?) But above I added the photos of us donning our Arabian Family Garb at our belated Halloween party.

* **

The lady in the middle was burning frankincense incense and I think almost all of us bought something from her. A gift for a king!

One of Oman's great features were the AMAZING fresh fruit smoothies. Oh my heavens they were yummy. I think mine above was mango, strawberry and avocado- which on my mission they only used avocado for sweet shakes as well and thought it was so strange that we used it in savory dishes. If you'll notice in the background of my picture you can see Jaren begging food from Chrys, Jim and Kathrine. He was a little mooch, and they (hopefully) were entertained by him. Later Kathrine sent me this shot of him eating from their table. Those who know my boys know they can eat. The first day at our new ward was the Sunday before Christmas and all these primary kids had some treats from their teacher and they boys followed them around saying, "sharing is caring" until eventually the older kids gave in. :) It's true, sharing is caring. A big thank you to our friends for "sharing" with Jaren this whole trip! :)

*Photos from Felicity
**Photos from Kathrine

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D1Warbler said...

The market WAS a blast,and we really did enjoy sharing with Jaren! He was such a darling little Mooch!! AND, those really were the best smoothies we've every had -- anywhere!

Thanks for the memories!