November 27, 2010

San Fran Adventures!

 Claire (Varian's sister) and her husband Brandon and kids let us stay the first leg of our trip at their house in San Fran. We loved it. They are such wonderful hosts and we were spoiled rotten. It was so fun to hang out with them and see the sights of San Fransisco. Here are some of the shots we took on that trip.

 We were a bit disappointed with the silver men, but of course had to give him a buck and take a photo for Jaren:

We took a very windy boat ride around the bay and underneath the Golden Gate Bridge:

Peir 39 of course:


Brandon and Claire took us in another day for the other sights of San Fran:


I love these ones of Varian making Jaren smile!


 When we were picnicking and sight seeing at the Palace of Fine Arts, we "saw" a little more than we bargained for. Out of the blue Brandon says, "The girls better cover their eyes." Then we heard bells and shouting of "the world's largest naked bike ride." Claire ran to the girls who covered their eyes and almost started crying. We weren't sure whether or not to laugh or be offended. We all just tried to keep our eyes down. Claire and I turned around so as to not see the people riding by us - yes totally nude - but to our dismay the whole street was filled with a sea of skin. There must have been at least a hundred bikers, mostly men, but some women. EEK! How comfortable could that be?! At least sitting down they were somewhat covered, but then they all decided to get off their bikes and take some photos of themselves - that was a bit more exposed. Claire and Brandon kept saying, "welcome to San Fran" and we took the photo below to remember the experience. (Ps: A special thanks to Felicity who photo-shop "fuzzed" it out in just the right spots!)

One of our great adventures was to take the girls to go see Wicked at the Orpheum theater, and we were even able to get Albi's signature after. Very exciting. This was Varian and my celebration of our 2 year anniversary.

Claire spoiled us with all her gourmet cooking. Here she is serving a strawberry soup for the first course. I also took a picture of these yummy asparagus and cheese stuffed baby peppers.

Hanging around the house and at the neighborhood parks was also really fun!


Claire and Varian had a sibling's day out where they went to a crazy naked hippie hot spring. (They remained clothed.)


Saying goodbye at the airport was sad. What a wonderful trip we had with them. We can't wait to have them out here for Christmas and Lani's wedding!


Felicity said...

the smiling pics of Varian and Jaren made me laugh....I think your 'happy smile' influence is rubbing off on Varina hahaha and I LOVE Jaren's smile! He is SO cute and maybe the happiest baby i've ever seen (even more than Jazzy before she hit 2....hahaha)

great pics! can't wait to see everyone at Christmas!


Michaela said...

What wonderful pictures and memories!

knoth4 said...

I love the pics they are great and looks like you guys had some fun.

Katie said...

What the heck is Strawberry soup? Well scratch that, I think I can figure it out. But what is it like? Weird, btw you better hurry up your still so far behind.

Felicity said...

You look beautiful in these pics Leah :) oohh and I like your baby wrap....I have a carrier but am thinking about getting a wrap....i'll have to try it out when i'm with you guys!

Anonymous said...

I love the one of Jaren in a suit!! =D