November 29, 2010


 I have a million photos to blog (believe me I have actually limited them down). So I'll break up this U.S. trip in pieces. But soon after we arrived in Utah we had our annual family Bear Lake trip at the Ideal Beach Condos. I love it there. We've been going for about 10+ years and it's so nice to have the whole week together with everyone off work and bonding. Such a pretty place too. You can see from the pictures how much fun we had! Oh how it felt good to be home again!!!

Jaren and Rylee got to meet each other for the first time. They're only 9 days apart, and I don't know if you can tell as much in this photo but he was way bigger than her then.


 We took Varian to the Minetonka cave for his and Jaren's first time.


Mom and Dad rented "the house" which was our first time out of the regular condos, but there are so many of us now and so many kids that it was perfect!

Plenty of space for games:

And arm and Indian-leg wrestles:



It's such a fun week of swimming at the pools or lake, playing tennis, going on bike rides, getting shakes, playing at the park, mini golf, eating, and being together. Here are just a few photos of the many things we did this year. Enjoy:






Felicity said...

great photos! looks like you had such a great time!!

knoth4 said...

Be careful not to blow your computer up. It's not use to having all this work done on it because it's been so long. Ha Ha only kidding. Love the pics. When you feel home sick, all you have to do is look at these photo's and it will make you happy. I hope?

Katie said...

Wow that was a lot of pictures, I don't think I even came close to taking that many. It's funny that you posted on this, because Reese has been talking about bear lake all week, and earlier today we called to ask mom if we could go again. When Reese saw the pictures, she said, see let's go there now! I had to explain it wouldn't be as fun to go to the beach covered in snow.I'm still not sure she gets it , she wants to go now.

Anonymous said...

So many pictures. I didn't even bother looking at them all!

Leah Aston said...

I downloaded mom's photos as well which gives me lots (but also makes it harder to choose between). :)