January 18, 2012

Redcliff & Goodbye (Nov '10)

I posted about going to Redcliffe after my trip back home. We thought we'd take my parents there to see the pelicans and shipwrecks and to swim. But it was a crazy windy day. We ate our picnic huddled in this cement amphitheater/bunker, and walked on the beach and pier till we got blown away.


No those are not my real toe nails (goo!) but Mom found the big toe shell which amused us and led us to find all the other nail-sized shells. Well it's time to finish up the trip posts so here are a few miscellaneous shots - Jaren so adorable in the grocery store, Mom and Dad and Jaren squished in the back seat (sorry Dad, not the most flattering of you but Mom and I again were amusing ourselves),  and our Thanksgiving celebrations.


I love these shots of Jaren. I can't remember now what he was mad about, but his after smile is so cute!     

The time had sadly come to say goodbye first at the house (ooh look at our pretty Vincas, all colorful and tidy - they were a sad victim of the flood), and then saying goodbye at the airport.


What amazingly supportive parents I have. Moving here was the hardest thing I have ever done. They have made such an effort to support us and come and visit us and I can't even describe how incredibly wonderful that is! I love when they visit. I love having them here to talk to and hang out with and for all the pretty places we see when they come. I love having them get to know Varian more and play with Jaren and Reid. They are amazing people, I love them so much!


alison13 said...

I love reading your updates and your blog!! You still have left such an impression in the 3rd ward & it is so great to watch your life continue in happiness!!

Nana said...

How wonderful it is to see all the happiness that surrounds you. You will always be dear to me. Love the pictures, love the posts, love you!

Suzie Wood said...

We love you too, Leah!!! Your kind words warm my heart!