January 19, 2012

What a Dream (Nov 10)

I think I'm still a bit scarred from all the posting dramas I've had lately, so I'm going to keep this short and sweet. After my parents left we went to Dream World to help cheer us up; it's always so sad to end a holiday.

Varian and I had bought season tickets as well, not expecting that we'd get pregnant so soon. So Varian rode a few rides and then we spent the rest of the day in the zoo-part.

But hey I did get to ride the exciting tea cups, which was fun to do with Jaren.

But we did have to wait our turn in a few lines. :) The kangaroos are cool, it doesn't really matter how long I live here, I think I'll always be impressed by them. Above Jaren and the Kangaroo are both sticking their tongues out for the photo and below Jaren is grabbing the kangaroo's ear, that's why it's all blurry. You know they may be cute and look lazy all lying around, but I hear they have a mean kick if you're not careful.

It was a fun day to spend together as a family.

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Katie said...

Me and Reese both think, those look fake, like stuffed animals. I can't believe they let you get that close! p.s. If you're ever going to catch up you've got to move along a lot faster then you're going.