March 6, 2012

Merry Christmas Darling (2010)


Jaren's first Christmas was beautiful. It was a fun time full of family parties. Christmas Eve was spent at Max and Laree's house (Varian's Uncle and Aunt) swimming, eating and merry making. :)

Claire and Brandon and their sweet kids were staying with us and were so patient to wait for us to be ready for Christmas morning.

My family would always run out from our rooms (from youngest to oldest) and then act surprised as we saw our stockings and presents under the tree. My parents were never big on the Santa Clause thing, and so our presents had been hiding under blankets under the stairs or in the sewing room for weeks leading up to Christmas. And then we had to wait for them to come get us in the morning before we could then run out to open them. So I've gotten into the habit of sleeping in and getting ready for the day, and then opening everything up. But then you're rested, pretty, and ready to open presents. :) Good times.


A visit to Oma that morning (who had recently had a heart attack and hadn't been able to come to Christmas Eve) and then an afternoon at Mike and Shelley's finished off the celebrations. How I love Christmas!

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