March 5, 2012


The wedding - Alana Aston and Cameron Orth - December 16,2010 - Brisbane, Australia Temple.
I decided not to try and get pictures of the whole family for this post (so don't feel bad if you're not in it) and just keep it to ones of us, or shots I took - as that alone looks like it might be a mega post.

We dropped Jaren off to play with the other kiddies and helpers during the sealing. We took group pictures across the street from the temple by the gazebo at Kangaroo Point. Often tour buses will stop there - and this day we had all these Asians stopping to take pictures of us and the wedding group. It was a bit crazy. But what can I say, Asians love Jaren. They couldn't stop taking pictures of him. But for some, taking pictures wasn't quite enough.


Here's a picture of my sweet little family outside the temple, and Jaren cute as always.


I took these shots of my parents-in-law with Lani, which I think are fun and matching.

Here are some other pretty shots I got that day - I especially like these ones of Lani and my niece Jasmine. If I new how to photo shop I would remove that sign in the background, but otherwise I think they turned out really nice.


I thought this one below was cute of the boys.

I helped make these place cards for Lani and I think they turned out pretty.

As they were leaving Lani asked me to hold some of her stuff and hand it to her after they had gotten in the car. As I'm turning to walk away from her this other car zooms by and seriously came inches away from me. It happened so fast and I was so startled thinking that one more step and he could have killed me, or I could have lost my baby. Ugh, I shudder just remembering it.So that isn't that great of a photo but it's there for the memory and for my gratitude at not being run over that day.


Here are two of my sweet sister-in-laws who live too far away. Felicity's in Sydney and at the time Claire was living in San Fran. Fun places to vacation, but I wish they lived closer. I love when they come in for visits though!!!

It was a great wedding day, we had a wonderful time and were so happy to welcome Cameron into the family!!!

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