August 14, 2012

Miscelaneous March

I decided to make up for my lack of February photos by taking lots of cute little Jaren in March. His hair had been getting long and crazy so I buzzed it all off. He was a bit of a Ghandi baby for awhile, but still adorable!!!


Sorry the one picture is sideways, I couldn't be bothered to go back and upload it. Below is Jaren laughing so hard, though I realize it does look like he's screaming.

Frisbee Golf with Lani and Cameron.

One of Lani's throws landed her in the dog kennel, but she climbed over and still threw from there. We take our golf seriously. :)


We celebrated our Valentines a bit after the fact that year. Here's a dinner that I made for Varian with heart shaped pasta (it tasted better than it looks) and some ham steaks on the side because he's such a meat-eater. It was a chic-pea, red pepper sauce. Interesting.

Then we went for a walk across the Story Bridge which is one of my favorite bridges and has been on my bucket list since moving to this area. Here are some shots from the bridge that night. 


We had brought with us some chocolate-strawberry ice-cream bars to stop and eat along the bridge and when we went to get them Varian surprised me with this chocolate rose. Happy late Valentine's Day! :)


Deamers said...

That view is so so pretty, and I had no idea they have heart shaped pasta, I wonder if they have it here?

Felicity said...

Oh so sweet Varian :) love the skyline pictures too! I used to go running with a friend of mine when I was a single gal living near the city (about 13 years ago - oh my goodness I am getting old :) and we used to run over the story bridge every week!! I loved it!!! Aaahhh. memories :)