August 27, 2012

Varian's Birthday Beach Day (April 2011)

Here's a picture of the two men in my life (Reid, if you'll remember hasn't been born yet) being serious and manly and eating a Man-burger for Varian's birthday. So I mentioned that our birthday tradition has evolved into a 3 day celebration. A nothing day (relaxing, movies, eating, being together) a family party, and an adventure/activity day. For Varian's activity he had us first stop at KFC for the Man-Burger (2 chicken patties, with cheese and bacon in the middle and no bun). I realize the target audience for these were 25 year old males, but I totally want one now and am so bummed that they stopped making them!), we then went to Bribie Island where we had never been before, and had a lovely beach day.


So I loved these photos I got of Varian and Jaren at the beach. 

Varian got these ones of Jaren and I playing in the water.

So they don't look that bad, but it seemed like the waves were a bit rough and windy that day so we moved to the other side of the island where there was supposed to be a more protected beach. It was a bit muddier, but we still had a fun time there. It was a bright beautiful day and I just felt so content and full. Full of life and happiness and love for my wonderful husband, baby boy, and baby on the way.

I sat there feeling the sand and sun and breathing in the day. Varian and Jaren were in a different place on the beach digging away in the sand. I came over to see what they were building and this is what I saw.


Seriously?! What an amazing husband I have. Was it his birthday or mine?! :)


I felt very loved! We had a fun day at the beach and a fun day celebrating. Jaren was in heaven eating sand (he had almost grown out of it at this point but not quite).


Varian tried to stop him but he mostly would just laugh and think it a great joke. All in all it was a great day. And I'll leave you with this image of my 32 year old sweetheart! :)


Deamers said...

Woah thats a lot of posts. Good job. P.s. I really need to teach you how to frost a cake.

Felicity said...

great pics Leah! Can't wait till we can take awesome day trips together soon :) yay!!!!! xo