August 21, 2012

Wrapping up March (2011)

As promised here's a short post with a mostly pictures to wrap up the month of March (2011). Some Pregnant pictures of me @ 7 months. (Warren took the bath shots and Jaren snuggling up to my tummy. I think they're so tender.)

Jaren and I eating at this yummy Indian Buffet that Varian took us too (ugh - we both smelled like Indian food for way too long. I can blame it on the cravings, but one of us went a little overboard on the garlic naan bread.) :) Also can I say that I love when kids are free at buffets, apparently they've never seen Jaren eat or that wouldn't be the case.


And then just some shots of our Brisbane apartment  - the Fragipani flower was from the tree right outside our window. The sleep-out room was where we put baby Reid (we got a crib) - and all our storage. :)



Felicity said...

oh those cuddly shots are cute and I LOVE the one of Jaren laughing in the bath! My goodness he is adorable!! Such a gorgeous happy boy!!!!!!!!

Felicity said...

oh and don't forget your visitors slept in the 'sleep out' too :)