May 23, 2013

Say Cheese! (June 2011)

I am American. Varian is Australian; our children are both. And to become official and to travel between the countries our children must hold passports of both countries. This includes lots of paperwork and fees. I posted Jaren's passport photo attemps and thought I'd do the same for Reid. This is tricky to accomplish as the baby has to have his eyes open and looking at the camera. His mouth must be closed and he can't be smiling, frowning or sticking out his tongue. His hands have to be at his sides and his head straightforward. We use which allows you to upload your own photo. So after hundreds of shots here are some of the cute ones and bloopers. (ps: Soon I will be an Australian citizen too. [Maybe I'll post my blooper shots.] More on that later...)

Notice the right side Elf Ear. :)
Why is there an annoying gap here???

I even tried wrapping him up at one point to see if that would work. He looked too cacoon-y though.

You can't blame him for getting a big grumpy really!
And the winner was...


D1Warbler said...

When you become an Australian Citizen, do you have to give up your
American Citizenship, or can you be a duel Citizen?

Leah Aston said...

I can be dual -or I wouldn't do it! :)