December 1, 2010


So after a long sun-burnt week at Bear Lake, we got together that very night to take family photos. A big thanks to my amazingly talented sister Mandie who owns Illumine Photography (
Here are some of the photos from that night:


And then here are some snapshots we took that night. Most of the kids stayed pretty happy as long as they could play with rocks.


Reese wanted to hold her dress up most of the time, hence Deamer and Katie were holding her hands in the final shot.

Sometimes it's okay to use Aussie chocolates as a bribe.

Other fun shots of people:

ps: I know this is the same photo as above with just different coloring, but I  can't decide which I like better and wanted to include them both. :)


Felicity said...

Love all the pics!! Mandy is a fantastic photographer!

hmmm I was going to say which picture I liked best but I couldn't decide either....hahaha!!

Anonymous said...

Um, it's M-A-N-D-I-E. I love the picture of you three! She was goingto me and McKenna, (Not Kenna, my mother, AKA Mandie.) "One," (Click-first picture of Haren looking and beaming) "Two," (Click-second one) "Or three?" (Click-third one. She had us help because we have a very nice opinion of Jaren smiling.) That pixies is actually number third.