December 8, 2010


The Fourth of July is one of my MOST favorite holidays - right after Christmas. My family has always had such fun traditions. The only times I've ever missed it were when I was on my mission and honeymoon. (If only those could forever be the only times!!!)


The celebrations start out the night before. This holiday is for all the Wood side and the Jeppson side. People come and set up their tents in the back yard and we have a barbecue that night with lots of traditional salads and desserts.

Then when it gets dark we light sparklers and dance around the lawn with them, spelling our names, taking pictures and other shenanigans.


Then we move to the front yard and watch an amazing home-firework show courtesy of my cousin Kirk. In the last 10 years the little kids (and yes sometimes us big kids) start dancing in front of the fireworks.


Then we sleep over and wake up to a breakfast of egg souffle (that we only get for this holiday), pumpkin and chocolate chip muffins, and cold cereal. We then go for the best home-town parade ever in Huntsville, and then stay for the carnival after wards.


Growing up in the middle of the day we would have a huge water-fight which was always thrilling and chilling but no one's been up for it in later years, but this year we went up to Perception park and tubed down the river. Brrr!


Then that night we go back to Huntsville Park for a hoe-down and a firework show. The cool thing about this show is that you're right up close and personal to the fireworks. Literally! One year we kept having ash rain down on us. But they're amazing. I'm so glad Varian was here to celebrate with me and my family for this wonderful holiday.


knoth4 said...

wow you look like you had a great time. The 4th of July is Zaks birthday! So you can think of Zak now that you are in Australia.

Felicity said...

looks like so much fun :) next year we'll have to celebrate 4th July Australian style.....maybe we'll come up and celebrate with you!! And whilst I do love your long hair you do look GREAT with short as well! looks fun and spunky!! xo

Tess said...

Leah, I'm sure you don't remember me, but my name is Terressa Lyday Hoskins, and I lived with your family in Huntsville for June/July 1984. I will ALWAYS remember your family & the HUGE celebration over the 4th of July! Your family was the first TRULY Christ-centered home, full of REAL love for each other, that I had EVER seen! It made a huge impact on me. I love your parents with all of my heart (I think of them as my 2nd mom & dad)! My family was/is LDS, but only my mom was ever active & loving to us. I love my dad too, he's just not a nice guy for the most part. You and your siblings are so BLESSED to have grown up with Bob & Suzie Wood as your parents! Your whole family is wonderful. I remember your Aunt Barb & your G'ma and G'pa Wood, and your G'ma & Gpa Jeppson - such fun times! I'm sorry you miss those things being in Australia :( I wish you happy, wonderful times with your own little family & many, many blessings!