December 3, 2010

Stopping by in Jackson

The next stage of our trip begins. 
We took a road trip to Yellowstone because Varian's never been there and all those years of going to the cabin, we love it! On the way there we decided to stop in Jackson. Jaren did really well though by the end of the week he was a bit sick of his car seat. 

Famous Jackson Antler arches: 

Then on to art galleries and tourist shopping:


Then of course we had to enjoy one of our favorite dinner/entertainment places - the Bar J ranch:


The next morning we got pretty views of the Grand Tetons on our drive and the hike to Jenny's Lake. (I know the ones of Varian and Jaren are practically the same, but Jaren's face was so cute in both of them I couldn't just pick one.) :) 


Goodbye Jackson, hello Yellowstone...


Katie said...

I love the fam pictues. And I swear she only gave me one pic of us, but you have two. Maybe i need to find that cd, we want to send out christmas cards.

Felicity said...

I love Jaren's smile, it is so cute! Can't wait for him and Lil to play @ Christmas.....they'll spend all their time together spewing and smiling :)