December 5, 2010


Here we are in Yellowstone. One of the big highlights was that we actually SAW a BEAR!!! I went to Yellowstone for basically every year of my life till I was about 16 and then a few times after that, and did I EVER see a bear then? No. Well once far away on a mountain, but here we saw TWO and they were pretty close off the road. It was very exciting.

Another really fun thing was floating down the Fire-hole river like we did as kids.

You can't got to Yellowstone without seeing good Ol' Faithful (I don't know why we didn't get better pictures of it, sorry).

And I love West Yellowstone with all the souvenir shops (ahh sparkly rings) and of course the playmill.


I don't think I'd ever seen a wolf before, but of course the classic buffalo.

We enjoyed lots of picnics and lounging in the shade,


Strolls on the walkways bordering the hotpots,

Pretty waterfalls,

Geysers, rock formations and pools, 



Wildlife and nature,


We tried forever to catpure on film the many "carcazone" looking places that we saw, with river systems, forests and little animals in the meadows. It was fun to see but sadly we'd be driving by too fast to get many good photos. This one's missing the animals but otherwise is pretty good. :)


What a fun trip it was. It was sad to say goodbye and go home.

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ps: I know it may seem like I've posted a million pictures, but between my mom and I you can imagine the hundreds that we took. Here are just a few more that I thought I'd add to the end of the post. :)



Felicity said...

Gorgeous pics Leah!! I would be in photo taking heaven in this place :)

kate said...

wow, what a wonderful trip! full of beauty! those buffalo scare me to bits though, i must say! :) love seeing your updates and your beautiful, happy family.

knoth4 said...

What a great time you guys had. I went to Yellow Stone when I was 18 years old in the middle of winter. Wow that was 21 years ago, I am getting old.