November 25, 2011

And I'll see September (2010)

So here are some other highlights of last year's September, mixed in with pictures of adorable baby Jaren. :) 

Varian got called into the bishopric as the second counselor. 

Lani (Varian's youngest sister) and Cameron Orth got engaged. Hooray!

Jaren got his first tooth. (And put up with lots of photo shoots of it - see below, though in these shots I think he's showing two teeth, very exciting.)


We found out we were expecting. Okay this bit of news came as a surprise. We were more thinking to aim at having a baby in September-October-ish, but Heavenly Father sent him a little bit early. And thank heavens. Looking back the timing of our pregnancy and Reid's birth really was a blessing. I was so tired at first but by the time my parents came to visit in November I was through my zombie stage. Then we had them and Aston house guests for about 2 months and then the floods hit. What an insane amount of work that followed but I think I was blessed with the stamina and strength to be able to handle it, which also may have been hard if it had been the first or end of my pregnancy. Reid then came a month before we had to move back home which was a major ordeal and gave me time to heal a bit from my c-section. And the Aston family has just had a big reunion which we would have had to miss had we just had our baby. It just goes to show that the Lord is at the helm and he has a better perspective and knows what will be best for us. And oh how I love my baby Reid! So it was great news! 


Varian came to help me with our Stake Youth Conference the day I took the pregnancy test. I had suspected before this that I was pregnant mostly because I was just so tired. But when I told Varian that he said he must be having twins then, because he was exhausted. :) But still I was so tired and so hungry all the time, that I decided to take a test but even then was quite surprised to see it was positive. I showed them to Varian that night at the camp and it took him by surprise as well. But it was definitely a happy surprise. Granted Jaren at this point was only 8 months old. In the end because of when the doctors count your starting date, and because my babies are breeched and come early, the boys are 16 months apart. And they're wonderful!!! It isn't as hard as I expected it to be, it's just wonderful. But those are updates for another post.

Now the rest are pictures I took of Jaren and I downloaded these ages ago onto this post and so I'm just going to include them all (also a picture of our house and yard before we ripped out those bushes in front of our house). Jaren is/was such a cute baby and so full of expression. I love his little face and could kiss it all day long!!!

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