November 27, 2011

Cement Shoes

Ever since we bought the house, Varian's been wanting to put in a back patio. I was a bit more skeptical about it, but eventually came around, and brought the addition of paving a sidewalk path down the side of the house where the grass has never grown well and to connect it to the cement that was already on the side of the house. 

 I also insisted that we put our hands in the cement like my parents would have us do growing up. My parents house in Huntsville has my baby footprint by the sandbox, my right foot by the post in the garage, my thumb print by the back door, and many other people's hand prints in various places when I wasn't born or living there. I wanted to carry on the tradition here. Though the cement was hardening a lot faster than expected and it was quite tough to do, but I'm glad we did. 


Our neighbor Pese helped us do all the cementing, along with some other ward and family helpers. They worked so hard and it's been nice to have. Here are some shots of that day.


Varian loved cementing so much, that now he's itching to put in a carport. Hey Pese - any plans for next weekend?

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Katie said...

Mine, Jeremy's and Reese's are in the new cement under the deck, along with Becca's brother in law, whatever his name is, kind of random.