November 26, 2011


Some October (2010) Highlights:

Chinese-themed date with my hubby and flowers he brought me one day just because he loves me :)

Shortly after moving here, I was called as the Stake Young Women President. It came as a bit of a surprise, but was a great calling. I was blessed to serve with two sets of amazing women. I had this calling for about 2 years but after Varian got put in the bishopric they had me finish up the camps and trainings and then released me. Here is a picture of my presidency about a month before I was released. (Bethany Easdale- Secretary, Cassie McCall- 2nd Counselor, Karen Bishop- 1st Counselor).

Roma Street Botanical Gardens - so pretty, I'm a sucker for botanical gardens! Also some family pictures. I love watching Varian play with our children. He's such a loving and involved father!



We'll stop here and save the rest for another post. I'm getting caught up. Soon I hope to be posting about 2011 - ideally while we're still in 2011. :)

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