April 15, 2012

Arrgghhh Matey - Happy Birthday!!!

So my darling little baby turned one year old. We had been out of town with the reunion and then home just in time to throw together a pirate party. And since it was a party I thought it would be more exciting to have him wear a special outfit, so he wore his superman Halloween costume as well. So a bit odd- a superman pirate- but still fun.


We decided to do cupcakes for his birthday, and I found these pirate skull cupcake liners which added to the effect. We then added a snake, a gold coin, and a flag that Eve made for us.

Look how great the photo below turned out with the birthday boy in the background! As you can tell from other posts Jaren is usually very smiley and excited. This day I think he was feeling a bit off and also aware that there was a lot of attention on him.

No, Varian is not wearing make-up - he's sporting his very own black-eye for our photos. He smacked his face into a soap holder while trying to get a drink from the bathroom in our hotel (in the dark).

This was Jaren's first sanctioned piece of dessert - much to the excitement of my inlaws (Warren/Oma cough cough) who had been trying to slip him dessert since he was a newborn. They've mostly given up now, and I don't even think Reid has had any contraband-sugar slipped to him. But Jaren did enjoy his first taste of cake as you can see. He just shoved those cupcakes right in, and at one point we thought he might gag he was eating them in such giant fast bites. 

Here come some of those smiles. It was a fun party, being with family, and celebrating Jaren's sweet life. Here are a few last shots of his cute face, playing with his cousins and opening presents. (Sadly 2 days later we were flooded and he lost all his sweet birthday presents.)


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Katie said...

I totally am not getting why he is in a superman costume, but oh well.