April 14, 2012

Wrapping Things Up (Jan '11)

Okay - we're about to wrap up the Aston Family Reunion parties. Here's a few more shots of getting together. Out to lunch with Mum, Claire and Leah. Abbey and Jazzy helping to feed Jaren. Games party and Pajama party.


And can you believe it - my little baby turned ONE year old?! Wow! He is growing up way too fast! But is so absolutely adorable and loveable. He is a joy to our lives! (Okay in reality he has already turned 2 years old and Reid is about to turn one. Where is the time going?)

This is a darling little suit that Claire brought over from the States. His Birthday was on a Sunday so here are a few shots we took that morning before we were off to church. I didn't realize till after I saw these shots that I had forgotten to do my make up that day. Oopsie! There were a lot of people getting ready that day, and I often try to match my eyeshadow to what I'm wearing and hadn't dressed when I did my hair, so was going to come back and do my make-up later. Oh well. But Jaren is the main cutie-pa-tutie here anyway. Stay tuned for his birthday party shots! :)

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Katie said...

Oh that little suit! It's the cutest thing ever. Also those pics below are so pretty. Everything seems so crazy green and lush. I think the background is gorgeous. p.s. Don't you know you always bring a back up outfit to any photo shoot? I always bring a few extra just in case.