April 10, 2012

Aston Family Reunion (Jan 2011)


The blog continues! (Sorry we've been having lots of computer issues lately). Starting New Year's Eve and going into the first week of 2011 (Hooray I've finally made it to 2011) the Aston Family took a reunion trip up near the Sunshine Coast. It was a lovely holiday. We rented out a Queenslander Bed and Breakfast and played in the pool, at the beaches, on walks, at the markets, games nights, dinners, a talent show...It was a great time. Here are some of the shots from that trip.


Body Surfing - such a fun new adventure. I don't know why I never tried it before this. I didn't do it much this trip because Varian was worried about me being pregnant - as every now and then you do get smashed into the beach if you hit a wave wrong. But it can be so fun if you catch it just right and make it all the way to the shore!

This giant Huntsman Spider was one of the house guests that we booted out when we went to bed that night. (Chad did, he's all about bug-preservation - I'm more about spraying them from afar with a can of bug spray till they curl up and die. Seriously can you imagine carrying this bad boy outside in your hands?! Chad's a brave man!) And that's Jaren and I above at the Eumundi  Markets - I am such a sucker for markets!


Snuggling with my boys on New Year's Eve! And playing in the pool.

Beach fun! Other than poor Jaren who was mad to have to wear a hat. We never really stuck to teaching him how and he never will wear one now, which is very frowned upon here where they're very sun-conscious!


I love the picture of Chad below because I'm always trying to get him to smile with his teeth for the camera. Then sweet Felicity helping Jazzy learn how to surf. In Utah our parents pull us around on sleds in the snow. This is how they do it down under.


We had a family talent show and Eve, Abbey and I sang and dance to "I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas." Jaren's talent was clapping and waving hi. Afterwards it broke into spontaneous dancing (I love Cameron in this shot!)

One morning I went and fed Jaren out on the porch and right next to us were these kookaburras laughing hello to us.

Hanging out around the house.


Some random family shots. We did do a formal photo shoot that I'll post later, but here are some of the Aston outlaws and inlaws. :) 


What a fun trip. It was so great to have the whole Aston family there under one roof. Claire and Brandon had been in San Fran, Chad and Felicity live in Sydney, Leah and Panu were about to move to Utah - so to all be together was quite a feat! Love you Aston Fam!!!

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Claire said...

I love it Leah!!! Good times, good memories...