February 11, 2013

Miscellaneous May (2011) Part I


So this post is a combination of activities of the first half of May (2011) to get in before I post about Reid's birth. Ever since I found out that there was a China Town in Brisbane I've been dying to go - so we thought it would be a fun family outing. Really they should call it China Block or China Area- it's pretty small compared to the San Fran or New York China Towns I've been to. But still festive. :)

Just as a quick explanation about this picture below and my excitement for it - this is me crossing off something from my bucket list. Growing up in the Valley we used to dream about what it would be like to have things that people had in the "cities." (Katie wanted sidewalks while I always thought garbage trucks would be exciting.) One of the things I would notice playing at cousins' houses was the tantalizing music of the ice-cream truck, and I always thought that one day I would stop and by something from one. I think this baby cost nearly 5 dollars which almost prohibited me from accomplishing this goal - but we took the plunge and I can officially cross it off. :)

My in-laws, Leah and Panu, babysat Jaren one night so that we could go on a date. We went to this fancy restaurant down at the gold coast (Spreets Deal) where the portion was tiny but the taste was divine. Then we had a quick snuggle on a blanket on the beach to watch the moonlight. How grateful I was to get some couple time in before a newborn joined our family and made going on dates a lot more challenging!

It was a busy month getting our house ready. Here are some shots from a few house check-ups. Our builder's name was Joel White from All Elite Building and he was so great to work with. (Click HERE for his contact details.) He was especially a good sport to pose for photos with us. :) [Note that the photo of him and me is actually from July hence the sneak peak of our kitchen, but it seemed like it was in better context here.)

Here are some shots from a few family get togethers. We try and get together regularly for Sunday dinner or other activities with Varian's family. I especially feel sentimental posting pictures of our dear Oma who passed away a few months ago. I still can't believe I won't see her at just the next Sunday dinner. It's surreal and sad.

This picture is from the Sunday dinner we had a few days before Reid's C-section was scheduled.

And to wrap up this post I am including photos of Jaren's room in our Windsor House in Brisbane. The thing I miss most about this room, is the big open window (which now would freak me out that he could climb up and fall out). Every morning I would come in and open up the window and hold Jaren to look outside at the trees and the "blue sky" and we'd talk about what a great day it was going to be. I would hold him up high above my belly and his little face was so full of wonder and delight. I hope to always have that image sealed in to my memory.


On a less sentimental note and more practical one I will also miss those huge wardrobes!!! And a moment of silence to the skeleton of the best feeding chair in the world, which sadly it's cushions never did recover from the flood. Here I have a massage mat on it, but nothing we've tried will ever be the same.

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