February 5, 2013

Wrapping up Easter (2011)

So let me just post some of the last shots of our Sydney Trip. A combination of rain, not having our own car, and not having much time kept us from sight seeing, but we had a lovely time celebrating Easter, playing games, and hanging out with our family. I got a million shots of Varian throwing Jaren up in the air and the two of them laughing and having so much fun together. Moments like these are what makes life and family so sweet!

We had some impromptu photo shoots while there. Felicity took some prego-pictures for me (that term always makes me think of spaghetti). I think these shots of Jazzy and my big blue balloon belly are so tender. This is about 3 weeks before Reid was born.


A pizza party one night with lots of mouths to feed - and baby Jaren and baby Lilly playing in their PJ's.


We had a great time and were so grateful for Chad and Felicity letting us come and stay with them. Then we were off to begin the long drive back home, and speaking of impromptu photo shoots, these gems are from one of our bathroom breaks on the 11+ hour trip home. We're all dressed a bit raggedy (which is a shame for Jaren's mismatched outfit in that first photo at the top of this post, and my lack of make-up in the below shots) but like Lani said, if you travel with a professional photographer then you should be prepared. (Click HERE to link to her website and blog.) Thanks a million again Lani for these awesome shots!

Okay this fish-face one makes me smile so hard every time I see it! And in case you didn't get enough of throwing pictures...

And now the pictures that make my heart swell with love and happiness and gratitude every time I see them. How I love my dear little boy and his never-ending font of joy and energy and smiles. "Delightful" is the word that truly describes my precious Jaren. I'm including them all because I have considered making a wall montage of these, and just because every one is so dang cute, I can't leave any out. It's also lucky that this stop was nearer the beginning of the trip or we all (especially Jaren) may have been wearing different face expressions. :) For a 15 month old I thought he (and the rest of us) managed the trip quite well.


Eve said...

Those pics of Jaren are BEYOND cute!! I love your blog and miss you all so much!!
Eve xxx

Felicity said...

my goodness those pictures of Jaren are adorable :) He has the happiest little face EVER!!! delightful! xo