December 14, 2011

Arts and Parks

You know in our family we take art seriously. 


 Mom is an artist and one of my favorite things to do with her is go to different art museums. It is not one of dad's favorite things to do but he always takes one for the team and goes because he knows how much she loves it. :) I know that picture above is blurry of him but I thought it was really cute anyway.


At the Modern Gallery of Art in Brisbane they had this dark theater room with all these people singing Michael Jackson songs. We thought it was hilarious and just sat and watched and laughed for ages. We saw lots of other random and fun art but this is all I have time to include for now.

We also stuck our feet in the fountain that day at Southbank to help cool off and do something that dad enjoys. I thought this picture looked sweet of my Dad and Jaren looking at each other and getting their feet wet.

And because I'm trying to fit a lot in let me include a few other shots.  Below is a picture of when we went hiking on Cunningham's gap. It was a gorgeous hike. Half bushy half rainforesty. Our picnic before was accompanied by these beautiful bell birds (?) that really did sound like tinkling silver bells. Sadly our hike also had some wildlife visitors - but these ones we discovered sucking away our blood. EEWWW - yes that's right- we were pulling leeches off our feet and ankles, gross! But still a lovely day.


And as we were driving about from one of our day trips Varian spotted a koala reserve and we excitedly pulled over and walked all through it looking up and around for koalas. By the end of the walk your neck hurt so much from craning it to catch a sight of a koala - which is totally on  my Australian bucket list. Sadly that day we were unsuccessful but stay tuned because when I start blogging about their 2011 trip I may just have  photos of a more profitable koala search. :) :) :)

Since this post is a bit of a compilation of days I'll also throw in this shot of glow worms that we took them to see. We went there the first year but discovered that you have to go after nightfall to see them start to glow. Sorry the picture isn't a bit more indicative of how cool they are. For those of you who do know my mom you can imagine how much in heaven she was seeing them! :)

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Suzie Wood said...

What a great bog! And you're right, I WAS in HEAVEN!!!