December 5, 2011

November begins (2010)

There is so much to blog about in November because my parents came out to visit and we took them all over the world :). So much fun, but hard to condense in only a few posts. We'll see what I can do.

We started off the month and their trip with Lani and Cameron's engagement party and a picnic at New Farm Park. The equivalent tradition in Utah would be a wedding reception, but here in Australia they have this party during the engagement period.

Here is a picture of a random notice sign :) we saw while walking around the park and then Cameron's grandfather who used the chocolate fountain that night as lipstick to then go and attack unsuspecting females. He tried to get me but with my amazing dodging techniques and desire to not have chocolate smeared on my face he never was able to plant a kiss.

After the party we took Mom and Dad to Mt. Cootha to see all the pretty lights of Brisbane. This was where Varian took me my first night in Australia and where we had our first kiss. Ahh, so romantic. 

The next night we carved Halloween Watermelons. We had bought two watermelons for our Halloween parties and then neither our friends or family brought any to carve. So we had extra and did it with mom and dad. I had to get a shot of Jaren under the table too, I don't know why but I love this shot!  :)


Nana said...

Oh Leah...I love you and your darling family! Looks like life is treating you well and that makes me so happy. Have a fabulous holiday and please give your parents my love. Take care my friend. Hugs and more hugs~Gwyn

Suzie Wood said...

Leah! This brings back all my great memories! Love you!