December 30, 2011

Roma St Parklands- Nov 2010


I've mentioned before how I love botanical gardens. I love how peaceful they are. I love all the beautiful plants and flowers. I love to wander around them with those I love, stopping to admire things of beauty in nature. We took my parents to Roma St Parklands and it was especially beautiful that day!

It also was full of bearded dragons that were also enjoying the warmth of the botanical garden. We all loved them except for my dad who said they gave him the creeps. Oh I should go back a year and post the pictures of when we took them to the Botanical Gardens in Brisbane and fed the possums. They were climbing all over my mom, Varian and me, but Dad just stood there trying not to let them get too close, saying they looked too much like rats. It was awesome!

My mom and I entertain easily!

We had a fun city night exploring here, the night markets in South Bank and riding the City Cat Cruise to see the city lights from that water taxi.


I love this shot of Jaren - he reminds me of a celebrity trying to tell the paparazzi to stop taking his picture. Poor kid - as my son, he'll never see the end of flashing cameras.


Katie said...

I wanted to comment on your post, three down. Like an old man retuning soup to a deli. But I knew you wouldn't read it, so remember your title so the comment will make sense. And p.s. his hair was awful, people always wait till their kid looks awful, I have no idea why.

Leah Aston said...

Of course I'd see it - I look at all the comments! :) You know I meant that to reference Sienfield, but can't remember your quote - I know terrible. Hey the title "bout time" is from The one and only genuine original family band and I thought of you when I wrote it as possibly the only person who would get that/remember, but mostly because you hated that song. "'Bout time, 'bout time, 'bout time we picked out a wedding date, 'bout time...."