December 14, 2011

Queen's Park - Nov 2010

This post is a collection of photos from Queen's Park which is only about 10 minutes away and has a great playground and a free zoo, petting farm and Japanese Garden. These ziplines they call flying foxes here and they're especially nice when you can just sit there and have someone pull you back up. :)

Jaren doesn't look too happy in some of these shots but he does like parks, especially as he's gotten older. So it wasn't really part of the zoo but here is a picture of a local spider that my mom found that we thought was pretty freaky. The first time my mom came to see us she kept pointing out all the giant spiders that she would see (for those of you who don't know my mom  - she has excellent observation skills). I had to tell her to stop telling me because the bugs here are one of my most disliked things and it's better if I don't see them. 


Goo! Just look at that nasty thing. No wonder they star in so many horror films! Some more from the zoo and a shot of me with my beloved Jacaranda tree-flowers. Aahh, they're so beautiful!


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