December 29, 2011

'bout time! (Jaren's 1st Haircut 11-2010)

November 19, 2010 - Jaren's 1st haircut. Oh my heavens just look at that poor kid. Why did we wait so long is the main question?!

Mom helped hold him down while I buzzed and trimmed. He got a bit teary but it was well worth getting rid of that sad old man comb-over he had going on. :) Either way though he's such a gorgeous baby!  (Not that I'm posting this quite today (12/14/11), but Reid's hair has been getting out of control with a big mohawk growing down the middle - and today I had had enough and took the scissors to it and oh it looks a million times better. He was much easier to give a haircut to than Jaren but he's only 7 months old and Jaren here was 10 months so we'll see how Reid does at his next hair cut.)

Here are some after shots, including some experiments with gel. Ah, I'm so glad we finally cut it. When I look back at some of these pictures I'm just itching to trim his hair! :) Incidentally it was getting long again a few months ago and at the time I was working on making his baby book. His long hair was driving me crazy and so one day I strapped him in his highchair, put the buzzer on nearly it's lowest setting and went to town on his hair. He looked like a chemo-baby which we decided was not very PC to say and so we called him our Ghandi baby for awhile till it grew back a bit. You'll see when I get to those shots.

I've been trying to get tips from my talented hair dresser sister, but after every haircut I give him, how I wish she were here to do a professional job. But I'm learning as we go and for now Varian and the boys get to be my guinea pigs.

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